Thursday, December 25, 2008

Does Santa Bring your dog presents??

Yes I am crazy about my dog or for that matter all dogs in general!! and yes even Santa brought Remy presents!! Here are some videos and a picture of him when he finally wore himself out

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Big 3-0 .. a little late

well now that it has been over a week I wanted to post some pictures from my birthday. I was so busy posting about deer I couldnt even get these in. I am so thankful my loving family in Michigan and my husband. I must admit the night before Dec 5th I really was not feeling turning 30. I have never been that way but I really just didn't want to!! But I put on my girl panties and when about my business and had the best birthday ever. First thing that surprised me was that Anthony remembered right when we woke up to wish me a Happy birthday:-)

when I got home from work I had a box waiting on the doorstep.. you know you love getting mail too!! I was so excited. I open up the card from Bryan, carrie, aidan and gunnar and out falls two pictures. I couldn't even tell what they were at first and then the tears started to fall. Just look at the pictures and you will see! Not only my immediate family but Lynn, chuck, charlie, robbie, justina(who I'm not sure i even met), lori, Aunt aud and uncle eddie all wishing me a Happy 30th Birthday!(with signs) I am so thankful for all of you. and then I had a little "party in a box" that included candy, cupcakes and some liquor. So I preceded to not do one shot but then another "long distance shot" with everyone at my mom's and so on..the only thing missing from that party was me and ant!!!

Then to top things off, I even got a present from my husband that wasn't even on the little list I made out! I got an Ipod, and yes I know I am a little behind the times since cameron has an Ipod before me and he is only 9!! but I LOVE IT. we even got the docking station/subwoofer to go with it and I am so surprised the neighbors haven't gotten upset yet.. so to wrap it up my 30th was more than I could have asked for and it feels just like 29!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bambi's Mama

So I think this blog has turned into posting about Anthony's hunting adventures!! Here are some pictures of Anthony's brother Duke and his first deer. Congrats Duke... welcome to the world of Anthony's passion for hunting (obsession is what I call it)
Duke and Ant went hunting on Sunday morning and he killed a doe.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poor Bambi....

haha Thank God for the big buck Anthony shot tonight.. I can have a fun birthday weekend now!! Otherwise, he probably would have been in a bad mood! This is going to be a short blog because I got dinner going now..

and he may have just convinced Ashley to go hunting.
and Remy even liked him..

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I knew Anthony's family was big but when he told me that we were gonna have Thanksgiving at a community center this year because everyone doesn't fit in Big Mama's house.. I didnt know what to think!! Let's just say we had so much food that I really dont even need to eat for a week. We not only ate one time that day but 2 more times and then 2 times the next day!!! Check out the menu they even had..its hard to read so let me tell you everything they had..
Baked Chicken w/mushroom gravy Gobble Gobble Fried Turkey
Honey Baked Ham

Cornbread dressing
mac and cheese
potato salad
Sweet potato casserole

Boiled Corn
collard greens
fried corn
Ora's famous fried okra
Green beans
Peas and Okra
turnip greens ( are you full yet???)

Relish Tray
Cornbread (end of page 1)

Page 2
German Chocolate, harvest cupcakes, peanut butter pound, pumpkin roll, red velvet (ok I see your eyes lighting up) sour cream pound, strawberry dream, toffee caramel
Peach cobbler, sweet potato pie(somehow we ended up with 2 of these at our house..yummy)strawberry pretzel salad.

I Love it!! and my question is were you lucky enough to have a full course menu at your Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Anthony doesn't answer the phone Part 2

this is in reference to my last post.. I was again doing some work around the house last weekend and when I came into the living room I found this...

Reason #2 if you are wondering why anthony doesnt answer the phone...

If only I could take "naps" I think this one might have been a 4 hour nap!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Acorns anyone????

I know I havent posted in awhile but my focus now is trying to make this money in real estate!! but this was about 2 weeks ago when I got home from work and found Anthony diligently working on something. I wasn't sure what it was until when I went to get one to eat he screamed for me NOT to put that in my mouth. So here is a before and after of Anthony shelling acorns, and then putting them in MY blender(yea the one for drinks) to make it a fine powder.. are you asking yourself what would he be doing that for yet? I'm sure you are and you have one guess....




so if you are ever wondering why Anthony does not answer his is your answer...
oh yea.. there are 5 bags of this in my freezer so that when the deer run out of the acorns we can give them this??!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friends from Michigan...lost wedding ring

I know I havent blogged in a long time but just really didnt have anything exciting!! But let me tell you it is always so nice to have friends and family come visit:-) this past week/weekend we were so lucky to have Dawn come(or at least I was) I got to go to RED LOBSTER!!! and get the endless shrimp. Since the last time I went was a year ago when she was down here. Somehow my leftovers went missing but we won't go there. then she got to come back on Monday and stay the night with us.. night began with Remy loving all over her, a few drinks, and trying to fix our dryer that I broke tryin to clean!!! (thanks to and my friend Kate who has me in a cleaning frenzy!!)

We couldnt fix that so had to have handy man Scott come over who preceded to stay for almost 2 hours, typical for alabama. then my lovely new husband of 1.5 months says he can't find his ring... and this is NOT the first time. He has me looking all over for it and then wants to blame it on REMY!!!! that he ate it. So that night and the next morning I am digging through poop to see if I can find it (just to prove anthony wrong)

I decide that I may need to check the trash just in case he accidentally picked it up with his beer bottle to throw away.... hence the pictures and need I say more???

Thanks for your help and support Dawn!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giddy up Horsey...

No no no, I did not go horseback riding!! Haven't got to that yet:-) but Anthony's cousin was over and apparently thought Remy would be a good horsey to ride!!! The video is a little dark but too funny.. Remy was not having him ride on his back.

And then there is sad Remy outside with his favorite ball... just before I had to come back to work...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fishing?? at The Foundation Ranch

Ok.. so I am really not that country but I do find myself enjoying some of this outdoor activity!!. Anthony didnt get to go fishing during our wedding(thanks to me..haha) so we planned to go Tuesday (2 days ago). His mom and I got out there first and she got all set up with her 3 fishing poles, slimy worms, yucky minnows, and a thing full of crickets. I didn't attempt to even start because she was so into it that I didnt want to interrupt her so that she could put the bait on my fishing guessed it. I dont really do much but reel in the fish, Anthony does the rest. So Anthony gets there after work and we havent really caught any fish. It starts getting dark and low and behold a huge fish gets on my line. Here is the conversation

Me: Ant, you're gonna have to help me
Ant: Don't horse it.
Me: what do you mean horse it?????????????? with Ant's mom laughing in the background!
Ant: Don't rush it in
Me: I'm not
Ant and Ant's Mom: GIRLLL thats a turtle!
Me: What? A turtle???

Yes, a huge snapping turtle is what I caught and yes the meat is now in my refrigerator. I'm not sure what to think.

and here is a funny video of Ant and his mom...hahaha

Look what I found... guessed it I found Anthony up in the tree again!! You will have to look closely, he is in the blue. So I am a little behind on my updates so I have two for today. This past weekend while I was "fall" cleaning house, wiping down walls, rearranging furniture(so I dont spend money on redecorating!!) and throwing things away, I went to ask Anthony something and couldnt find him, i looked outside and yes, he was climbing the tree.. this IS an obsession :-) sure wish I could find time do some extracurricular activities instead of cleaning!! and again I promise there are no deer in our backyard. I personally think he wanted to look in the neighbors backyard with the annoying howling bloodhounds!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday REMY!!!

No Remy is not my child... but he is my baby and if you know our family they are not "just dogs" and most of the time get treated better than humans:-) Yesterday was Remy's 2nd birthday. I didnt really have too much planned but was going to take him to get groomed at Petsmart. Usually we just give him a bath but I thought I would try it...key word being "try". So the first picture is him not wanting to come in the house( Don't you love the way he crosses his eyes at me!!)..
2nd picture is in the car on our way.. I checked him all in and then I went on to get my nails done.. until "ring ring" I hear on the other end of the phone "Remy will NOT go in the cage. What do you mean he will not go in the cage!! So I let it go and went back to pick him up and still we have not given him a bath. I did however still buy him a new ball and a bone. The things we do for "just a dog".. (and dont ask what Anthony was watching on TV!!.. probably hunting)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I need to invent a hunting device...

this is what I did this past sunday.. went to where anthony hunts and moved a feeder from one place to another. and in the meantime, ran through a billion spider webs, saw the remains of a dead cow, and had to "watch for snakes" . Did I really let him take me to do this? Seems crazy but in all honesty it was a fun trip. I really see some money making potential in this hunting world, check out the picture below to see another one of his hunting contraptions!! That little box by his hand has a timer in it and it spits out corn for the deer when we set it to. That way we can feed them in the morning and evening when Anthony is there to shoot them. Sounds logical (not sure if its legal) but it works. The corn is in the big green part

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who said you can't hunt in the backyard

so I really have cleaning to do, real estate work, organizing closets you name it but here I sit...blogging!!!! I am trying to catch up so I can actually blog for that day but for now I am going to share with everyone something about the man I married, Anthony. We are on 2nd shift right now so he gets home at 2am goes to bed by 4am and sleeps until 2pm to do the same thing the next day. Well, this Saturday morning he wakes up at 9am!!! I am thinking oh no this is my time to get stuff done.. he smiles and says its like Christmas morning!, I'm going to put up my treestand!!! Are you kidding me?? See the video below.. if you were ever wondering how a treestand works and yes this is in our backyard and no we dont have deer back there!!! He says its his passion but I promise you it is an obsession.

Forgive Remy for barking in the background because he did not understand what his crazy Daddy was doing!!

and here is the final product.. I will be getting a new camera soon so my blogging pictures will look better!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Becoming a Mrs....

Ok..I did it. or I think I did. My first official blog about becoming a Mrs. yes this finally happened to me September 6, 2008!!! you know that saying "always a bridesmaid and never a bride" well yea that was me..6 times! I guess it was lucky 7. I'm not sure how often I will update this, in fact I may update my real estate one that I am working on since that has the potential to make me money!! As the title says, becoming a Mrs. isn't easy.. changing your name.. my website for work wants to charge me $25.00 just to change my email from a "w" to an "m" it seems there is an easier way for me to do it myself!

Only a Test!!

This is only a test... so we wont count this as my very first post!! Check back later for a "real" blog