Monday, December 8, 2008

Bambi's Mama

So I think this blog has turned into posting about Anthony's hunting adventures!! Here are some pictures of Anthony's brother Duke and his first deer. Congrats Duke... welcome to the world of Anthony's passion for hunting (obsession is what I call it)
Duke and Ant went hunting on Sunday morning and he killed a doe.


Duke Griffie said...

BTW my wife is laughing at me now, she says that I am ruined. HAHAHAHAHA, I am a hunter now, and eat up with it. It is so much fun, especially sharing the experience with my brother. I am hooked now!!! If you can't find me look in the woods.

Mrs. McDonald said...

and likewise anthony is sooooo happy that he has someone to go hunting with (instead of me who tends to fall asleep)and being his brother it makes it all the better