Monday, December 15, 2008

My Big 3-0 .. a little late

well now that it has been over a week I wanted to post some pictures from my birthday. I was so busy posting about deer I couldnt even get these in. I am so thankful my loving family in Michigan and my husband. I must admit the night before Dec 5th I really was not feeling turning 30. I have never been that way but I really just didn't want to!! But I put on my girl panties and when about my business and had the best birthday ever. First thing that surprised me was that Anthony remembered right when we woke up to wish me a Happy birthday:-)

when I got home from work I had a box waiting on the doorstep.. you know you love getting mail too!! I was so excited. I open up the card from Bryan, carrie, aidan and gunnar and out falls two pictures. I couldn't even tell what they were at first and then the tears started to fall. Just look at the pictures and you will see! Not only my immediate family but Lynn, chuck, charlie, robbie, justina(who I'm not sure i even met), lori, Aunt aud and uncle eddie all wishing me a Happy 30th Birthday!(with signs) I am so thankful for all of you. and then I had a little "party in a box" that included candy, cupcakes and some liquor. So I preceded to not do one shot but then another "long distance shot" with everyone at my mom's and so on..the only thing missing from that party was me and ant!!!

Then to top things off, I even got a present from my husband that wasn't even on the little list I made out! I got an Ipod, and yes I know I am a little behind the times since cameron has an Ipod before me and he is only 9!! but I LOVE IT. we even got the docking station/subwoofer to go with it and I am so surprised the neighbors haven't gotten upset yet.. so to wrap it up my 30th was more than I could have asked for and it feels just like 29!!


Duke Griffie said...

See now that's just awesome. It is evident that you are well loved by family and friends. Happy 30th, and thanks for letting my big brother take me hunting.

Holly said...

ha, ha, thanks for your comment! I was like, wait, who is Mrs. McDonald? ...then I remembered! Ha, ha... Anyway, we have almost the same bday!!! I turned 30 on Dec 1 - CHEERS! Have a great Christmas with your hubby and doggy!