Monday, November 2, 2009

HappyBaby Book Giveaway!

I just found this great giveaway on a blog that I check out on a weekly basis. Her site is $5 Dinners and you will find all the details on a chance to win this book.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reason for the name change..

since I changed the title of our blog I have yet to really post about it because the activities of my dad have been the main focus!! They were just too funny to pass up! but we are so excited for our babies arrival.. yes. i did say babies. it hasnt sunk in yet until I go get the sonogram and this is what I see....

and Baby B
wow... we have been saying many prayers!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Famous French Fries by Nanny G

it is sooooo cold here today.. only 55 out and it is supposed to be a low of 39!! Perfect for hunting as anthony says and perfect for Remy to want to stay outside forever. I am COLD!!! but at this point I would rather be chilly then hot. It's been almost a week since Nanny G left but so many eventful things happened while he was here I have yet another post about it! Since our shopping trips were limited we decided we were just going to have hamburgers on the grill and french fries. However, no french fries in the house but we did have some potatoes... check out Dad cutting up the potatoes to make fries and put in the Fry Daddy. He even made them for my mom the day after he got home:-) Baby steps....
and of course we needed the beer in the picture too!!!
and Anthony out by the grill.. notice the huge flame in the door...yea I thought the soffit was going to burn!!

going to watch the spartans... GO GREEN!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

it takes two men to do this...???

Happy Monday? I was pretty tired myself, from switching to first shift and my dad left this morning:-( Knowing he did not want to go and we didnt want him to go either.. even though I am sure we got on each other's nerves a little bit but what do you expect of being together 24/7 for a month!!! Thank God that he was able to come down and help out and I "taught" him how to do grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, even pick up dog poop!! which is the subject of the post.. not really going to dwell on that because I don't usually talk about poop.. but this is too funny. Before bedrest I usually had to do this task about once every 2-3 days (Remy uses the bathroom a lot!!) so after about a week of my dad being here I kindly asked him to do this. Now remember this is something I do by myself all the time and this is what happened when I asked a man to do it>>>>>>and here is Dad's vacuuming skills.. (surprisingly he didn't need anybody to hold the cord for him!!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is what I get when the Doc says to come off bedrest...

I'm back!!! and hopefully more consistent this time...since I have more to write about then Remy.. Wow, a lot has happened in the past few months so I do have some back tracking to do.. We are pregnant with twins!!! so my blog will soon be more about the upcoming events of the McDonald Multiples!! Just to summarize I have been on bedrest for 6 weeks ( I know I was going crazy) and thankfully my dad came down to help. He has been doing more than he has ever done..dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc!! But on Wednesday anthony was able to go with me to the doctor for the first time... he was so excited and amazed at the babies moving. This was the high risk doctor and babies were healthy and he took me off bedrest. We get home around 6:30pm cook dinner and I was out on the computer doing some emails and I noticed that in the living room it was really quiet...not typical for Dad who is always asking a billion questions to anthony:-) and this is what I found..........

even Remy joined them!!! They were sound asleep. More to come.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Art Of Pressure Washing

so we won't even apologize that I haven't blogged in years ( more like a couple months). So we are going to put our house on the market and I think Anthony is kicking himself that I ever went into Real Estate!! One of the big things to get your house ready is pressure washing!!! So anthony had some fun with it...
and can you believe how dirty our sidewalk and driveway were!!! Take a look at yours today and you might just need to pressure wash too:-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

and yes I am still in Alabama!! so I know I have pretty much abandoned this blog since January!! It just seems to never get crossed off on my list of things to do.. Since I found a good reason to blog here goes...

This morning I woke up to a snow covered backyard!! and it was 55 degrees yesterday. So alabama weather is similar to Michigan (right dad?!) ...sometimes. Remy didn't know what to think, his first reaction was to bark at it and then he loved it. In fact, he made me late in going to show the houses I had to show today because he did NOT want to come in the house. Anthony on the other hand observed from the door and did not step foot outside..

This is remy and Sparty the Snowman I built. I think Remy was disappointed because he wanted it to move!!

now it is 4pm and the snow is pretty much gone and my backyard is all mud and remy is filthy dirty.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Right Through for....

MSU! Watch the points keep growing...BOOM,BOOM,BOOM or Stacey falling down the stairs!! This is what Anthony heard from being in a dead sleep.. Yes I did fall down the stairs and we only have 3 in our house! I know you are probably wondering why was I singing the MSU fight song... I am not crazy and I hadn't even had a drink yet! Let me recap.. It's 5pm yesterday and I just got done working out. I was in the bedroom changing my clothes, I put on my Michigan State T-shirt(thats what got me in the mood to sing!!) I had my phone in one hand and 2 coffee cups in the other (one half full with that morning's coffee), Remy was behind me and I proceeded down our hallway to go make a drink, see picture #1. The rest is history, slipped on the first step, coffee mugs flying in the air, coffee all over the walls, phone flying in the air. Anthony says " what are you doing" as he is walking toward the scene of the accident and asks me if I am ok.. Well then I just started balling but then realizing what happened when I turned to see Remy staring at me... I busted out laughing. I am actually laughing right now as I type!! No major injuries and unfortunately since Anthony doesn't really think about "blogging" I have no pictures of the actual accident but hopefully from the two posted you can just picture me! I actually just slipped on the first stepped and bounced down to the second one...

yea that is the nice black scrape that my cell phone made as I was trying to catch myself and still I have yet to get this off my wall.. Any suggestions? feel free to comment.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're still here...not sure how often!!

Well I know it has been close to a month and I haven't posted.. Thanks to my friend Kate for getting on me I am going to post. Not too much has really happened since Christmas that has been overly exciting. Anthony and I did go to the Capital One bowl in Florida and we met up with Brad, Diane, Laura, adam, kyle and Adam's brother and girlfriend. We had a really good time eventhough MSU was the whole 3rd quarter thing and as cameron likes to say the QB is just Hoyerible. It was fun to see Kyle who has changed soooo much since I saw him at 7months old. He is such a little boy who has some new dance moves.. check them out at Laura's site. We also had to leave Ashley home alone for the first time which was very nerve racking but she actually didn't do too bad. Unfortunately, Remy was a different story. We had to put him in the kennel and lets just say he DID NOT like it one bit. In fact, he hated it so much that I got a letter sent home KICKING him out of the kennel and saying that he can not come back to Pet Camp without training!! I know I laughed too.. this is a dog and I am getting letters home?? They specifically said that Remy knocked over 2 employees and head butted one lady with the intent to charge past her!!! So needless to say I called them to get the details and really had a hard time holding in my laughter. Remy is in a little bit of training but I dont want to take him back there anyway. Alabama just doesnt know how to run a dog kennel. on top of that, he didnt eat the whole time he was there and came home with nothing but skin and bones... So that is all that is new for now. Maybe I wont take a month to post next time...