Saturday, October 17, 2009

Famous French Fries by Nanny G

it is sooooo cold here today.. only 55 out and it is supposed to be a low of 39!! Perfect for hunting as anthony says and perfect for Remy to want to stay outside forever. I am COLD!!! but at this point I would rather be chilly then hot. It's been almost a week since Nanny G left but so many eventful things happened while he was here I have yet another post about it! Since our shopping trips were limited we decided we were just going to have hamburgers on the grill and french fries. However, no french fries in the house but we did have some potatoes... check out Dad cutting up the potatoes to make fries and put in the Fry Daddy. He even made them for my mom the day after he got home:-) Baby steps....
and of course we needed the beer in the picture too!!!
and Anthony out by the grill.. notice the huge flame in the door...yea I thought the soffit was going to burn!!

going to watch the spartans... GO GREEN!!!

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