Monday, October 12, 2009

it takes two men to do this...???

Happy Monday? I was pretty tired myself, from switching to first shift and my dad left this morning:-( Knowing he did not want to go and we didnt want him to go either.. even though I am sure we got on each other's nerves a little bit but what do you expect of being together 24/7 for a month!!! Thank God that he was able to come down and help out and I "taught" him how to do grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, even pick up dog poop!! which is the subject of the post.. not really going to dwell on that because I don't usually talk about poop.. but this is too funny. Before bedrest I usually had to do this task about once every 2-3 days (Remy uses the bathroom a lot!!) so after about a week of my dad being here I kindly asked him to do this. Now remember this is something I do by myself all the time and this is what happened when I asked a man to do it>>>>>>and here is Dad's vacuuming skills.. (surprisingly he didn't need anybody to hold the cord for him!!)

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Laura said...

ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is SOOO funny! I'm glad you got a pic of it! I hope they washed their hands before they made you dinner! He, he! So glad your dad could come down to help. wish i was closer!