Saturday, November 29, 2008


I knew Anthony's family was big but when he told me that we were gonna have Thanksgiving at a community center this year because everyone doesn't fit in Big Mama's house.. I didnt know what to think!! Let's just say we had so much food that I really dont even need to eat for a week. We not only ate one time that day but 2 more times and then 2 times the next day!!! Check out the menu they even had..its hard to read so let me tell you everything they had..
Baked Chicken w/mushroom gravy Gobble Gobble Fried Turkey
Honey Baked Ham

Cornbread dressing
mac and cheese
potato salad
Sweet potato casserole

Boiled Corn
collard greens
fried corn
Ora's famous fried okra
Green beans
Peas and Okra
turnip greens ( are you full yet???)

Relish Tray
Cornbread (end of page 1)

Page 2
German Chocolate, harvest cupcakes, peanut butter pound, pumpkin roll, red velvet (ok I see your eyes lighting up) sour cream pound, strawberry dream, toffee caramel
Peach cobbler, sweet potato pie(somehow we ended up with 2 of these at our house..yummy)strawberry pretzel salad.

I Love it!! and my question is were you lucky enough to have a full course menu at your Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Anthony doesn't answer the phone Part 2

this is in reference to my last post.. I was again doing some work around the house last weekend and when I came into the living room I found this...

Reason #2 if you are wondering why anthony doesnt answer the phone...

If only I could take "naps" I think this one might have been a 4 hour nap!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Acorns anyone????

I know I havent posted in awhile but my focus now is trying to make this money in real estate!! but this was about 2 weeks ago when I got home from work and found Anthony diligently working on something. I wasn't sure what it was until when I went to get one to eat he screamed for me NOT to put that in my mouth. So here is a before and after of Anthony shelling acorns, and then putting them in MY blender(yea the one for drinks) to make it a fine powder.. are you asking yourself what would he be doing that for yet? I'm sure you are and you have one guess....




so if you are ever wondering why Anthony does not answer his is your answer...
oh yea.. there are 5 bags of this in my freezer so that when the deer run out of the acorns we can give them this??!!!