Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fishing?? at The Foundation Ranch

Ok.. so I am really not that country but I do find myself enjoying some of this outdoor activity!!. Anthony didnt get to go fishing during our wedding(thanks to me..haha) so we planned to go Tuesday (2 days ago). His mom and I got out there first and she got all set up with her 3 fishing poles, slimy worms, yucky minnows, and a thing full of crickets. I didn't attempt to even start because she was so into it that I didnt want to interrupt her so that she could put the bait on my fishing guessed it. I dont really do much but reel in the fish, Anthony does the rest. So Anthony gets there after work and we havent really caught any fish. It starts getting dark and low and behold a huge fish gets on my line. Here is the conversation

Me: Ant, you're gonna have to help me
Ant: Don't horse it.
Me: what do you mean horse it?????????????? with Ant's mom laughing in the background!
Ant: Don't rush it in
Me: I'm not
Ant and Ant's Mom: GIRLLL thats a turtle!
Me: What? A turtle???

Yes, a huge snapping turtle is what I caught and yes the meat is now in my refrigerator. I'm not sure what to think.

and here is a funny video of Ant and his mom...hahaha


Kate said...

Are you flippin serious??? And its in your FREEZER?? Oh my! Who would have thought during college that this is what you would be doing after getting married!!

Laura said...

What a gentleman Ant is for putting all the yucky stuff on your hook for you. That's nice! And, for the turtle, I don't think I'll be visiting Bama anytime soon to join you for dinner! Eeeeww! You are brave! You know, I used to have a pet for a turtle. Is dog next for dinner? :) :(