Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday REMY!!!

No Remy is not my child... but he is my baby and if you know our family they are not "just dogs" and most of the time get treated better than humans:-) Yesterday was Remy's 2nd birthday. I didnt really have too much planned but was going to take him to get groomed at Petsmart. Usually we just give him a bath but I thought I would try it...key word being "try". So the first picture is him not wanting to come in the house( Don't you love the way he crosses his eyes at me!!)..
2nd picture is in the car on our way.. I checked him all in and then I went on to get my nails done.. until "ring ring" I hear on the other end of the phone "Remy will NOT go in the cage. What do you mean he will not go in the cage!! So I let it go and went back to pick him up and still we have not given him a bath. I did however still buy him a new ball and a bone. The things we do for "just a dog".. (and dont ask what Anthony was watching on TV!!.. probably hunting)