Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look what I found... guessed it I found Anthony up in the tree again!! You will have to look closely, he is in the blue. So I am a little behind on my updates so I have two for today. This past weekend while I was "fall" cleaning house, wiping down walls, rearranging furniture(so I dont spend money on redecorating!!) and throwing things away, I went to ask Anthony something and couldnt find him, i looked outside and yes, he was climbing the tree.. this IS an obsession :-) sure wish I could find time do some extracurricular activities instead of cleaning!! and again I promise there are no deer in our backyard. I personally think he wanted to look in the neighbors backyard with the annoying howling bloodhounds!


George Walker said...

In Michigan climbing trees earns $75.00 for all limbs trimmed.


Kate said...

Hows FLYLADY workin for you?