Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friends from Michigan...lost wedding ring

I know I havent blogged in a long time but just really didnt have anything exciting!! But let me tell you it is always so nice to have friends and family come visit:-) this past week/weekend we were so lucky to have Dawn come(or at least I was) I got to go to RED LOBSTER!!! and get the endless shrimp. Since the last time I went was a year ago when she was down here. Somehow my leftovers went missing but we won't go there. then she got to come back on Monday and stay the night with us.. night began with Remy loving all over her, a few drinks, and trying to fix our dryer that I broke tryin to clean!!! (thanks to and my friend Kate who has me in a cleaning frenzy!!)

We couldnt fix that so had to have handy man Scott come over who preceded to stay for almost 2 hours, typical for alabama. then my lovely new husband of 1.5 months says he can't find his ring... and this is NOT the first time. He has me looking all over for it and then wants to blame it on REMY!!!! that he ate it. So that night and the next morning I am digging through poop to see if I can find it (just to prove anthony wrong)

I decide that I may need to check the trash just in case he accidentally picked it up with his beer bottle to throw away.... hence the pictures and need I say more???

Thanks for your help and support Dawn!!!


Laura said...

I think Ant and Adam better have a talk about losing wedding rings! Keep those rings on! Is it too loose? Talk about entertainment!

Mrs. McDonald said...

no not too loose at all!! just isnt used to wearing it so he gets home from work and sets it wherever..nice..

Kate said...

That is hilarious! The pics are even better. Good work Anthony!