Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who said you can't hunt in the backyard

so I really have cleaning to do, real estate work, organizing closets you name it but here I sit...blogging!!!! I am trying to catch up so I can actually blog for that day but for now I am going to share with everyone something about the man I married, Anthony. We are on 2nd shift right now so he gets home at 2am goes to bed by 4am and sleeps until 2pm to do the same thing the next day. Well, this Saturday morning he wakes up at 9am!!! I am thinking oh no this is my time to get stuff done.. he smiles and says its like Christmas morning!, I'm going to put up my treestand!!! Are you kidding me?? See the video below.. if you were ever wondering how a treestand works and yes this is in our backyard and no we dont have deer back there!!! He says its his passion but I promise you it is an obsession.

Forgive Remy for barking in the background because he did not understand what his crazy Daddy was doing!!

and here is the final product.. I will be getting a new camera soon so my blogging pictures will look better!!!


Kate said...

oh my lord!! What a contraption. Maybe you need one too and then you can sit up there together.

Mrs. McDonald said...

the funny thing is... he does have a two person ladder stand... I will NOT climb a tree like that..!!