Thursday, January 21, 2010

This made it all seem real

let's not even comment on the fact that I haven't blogged in over 2 months!! I really don't have an excuse.. however, I have been looking for cars which is not easy for me. I want to spend more money that what we have put in our budget for that!

Just to catch up I have now gained a whopping 32lbs!! and am 28 wks. At my 25 wk check up both babies weighed 1lb 10oz which the doc said was fine but since then I have been getting more protein so that we can get them nice and big. Mom had my shower in michigan which we did via web cam.. Thank God for technology....however we won't mention how long it took me to get the camera and everything working.. Skype had some issues.. I probably should have just called Oprah since she doesnt have any problems with it!! We received so much stuff and are so thankful!! It isn't so much that we need double of everything but some things it is a necessity. I am registered at Babies R Us and Target and probably going to add some things to Walmart too.. We now have both car seats which leads me to this post!! Take a look at this pic... OMG!! as I put the car seats on the stroller base..manuevered the 10ft addition into the living room.. to my laughing heart dropped. What was so funny about that?? This made it all seem too real that in about 2 months there is going to be two of these babies all...the...time!!!! and here is a nice pic of my belly..


Diane Walker said...

Stacey, don't worry about the weight you have been dedicated to working out so you will get it all off! Just think of the 2 beautiful lives you are bringing into the world. Keep cooking those babies as long as possible. You and Anthony are truly blessed. The shower pics looked like it was a good time. Did you get to see everything pretty well?

Laura, said...

yeah! Wow, that made it real for me too! You look GREAT girl! And good work getting the stroller together! Now, good luck on the shopping is tricky!!!!!

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